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Look to Us to Source Your Funds

The firm’s representatives bring strong financial and marketing experience enabling them to better understand your business.

Anthony Wayne Business Exchange has helped hundreds of people find the funds they need for their business. In the event you have a transaction already structured and need assistance in funding, our sources may be instrumental in helping you close your transaction. We have sources for acquisition financing, working capital financing, equipment financing, real estate financing (commercial owner occupied), and many other business needs. We help you present a solid package for the consideration of lenders and investors with our many years of accounting and finance experience. We will provide appropriate presentation materials in order to obtain a quick response from our lenders. This response will be a commitment letter from the lender that states the particulars of the loan and the expected events or documents needed to complete the transaction. The responses range from 48 hours to two weeks after submission of a completed package. Such response time varies with the request and type of financing needed.

Please fill out the Financial Profile below in order to process your request.

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