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Buying a Business

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Everyone wants a stress-free transition from the existing owner to the new owner.

At Anthony Wayne Business Exchange we pride ourselves in how we go about breaking the otherwise complex process into easy steps to accomplish the acquisition. 

You can be assured that the service you receive from AWBE will make your experience a smooth and enjoyable one.




Looking to your horizons

On the landscape of opportunities we will help you locate your best.




Deciding whether to start
your own business or buy
an existing business


                                                   Start a Business      Buy a Business

Idea Yours Someone Else’s
Investment Higher Risk Easier Leverage
Operations New Concepts Established History
Cash Flow Negative in Beginning Rely on Historic Performance
Profits Nurture Growth Established
Return on Investment (ROI) Patient Immediate


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AWBE’s Key Services To Buyers

  • Assist in Locating Businesses to Purchase
  • Evaluate Proposed Sales Price
  • Advise Buyer on the Offer To Purchase
  • Act as Intermediary in Negotiating the Finer Points of the Transaction
  • Conduct the Due Diligence Activity
  • Coordinate with Parties’ Legal Counsel, Accounting & Tax Professionals
  • Assist with Obtaining Financing if Needed
  • Provide Closing Services as Appropriate

Anthony Wayne Business Exchange will assist you through the process of buying a business on a confidential basis in conjunction with your professional advisors. The representation with our sellers requires AWBE to obtain an executed confidentiality agreement and a buyer registration before discussing the details of the business for sale. These forms can be obtained from AWBE by completing our Buyer Registration.

Confidentiality is very important in the sale process and we protect that confidentiality by requiring all of our buyers to sign our Non-disclosure Agreement and complete a Buyer Registration. Please feel free to view our Non-Disclosure/Non-Circumvention Confidentiality Agreement. After viewing, please sign, then e-mail to den@anthonywayne.com or fax a copy to (260) 486-4849.

All of the businesses currently available through AWBE are offered on a confidential basis. We can provide you general information initially, however, to obtain more detailed information you will need to submit the Buyer Registration and Confidentiality Agreement to AWBE.

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1. Assess your desires for a business

  • We work with motivated buyers

2. Qualify yourself with a Business Intermediary

  • We drill through the tough issues for best fit

3. Contact your bank and inform them of your desire to purchase a business

  • Find out about their lending/investing criteria

4. Familiarize yourself with the offer process and forms

  • Learn the complete process to avoid delays

6. Review the financial statements and background with your Business Broker

  • Make sure it passes your initial screening criteria

8. Make an offer on the business

  • Terms and conditions are as important as price

9. Clear the contingencies of the purchase agreement

  • Systematic due diligence is important

10. Close the purchase with the professional assistance of Attorney, Accountant, Banker, and Broker

  • Success starts from the first call of your Anthony Wayne Business Exchange Professional

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